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    I am a 27 year old from Greeneville, Tennessee. I am majoring in education (K-6) at Tusculum College. I have an beautiful brilliant 5 year old son with autism. I am passionate about children, music, film and science and technology. My favorite books are the original Sherlock Holmes canon by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I also have an extensive collection of science e book and enjoy studying all branches of science. I also enjoy playing the CSI video games. My favorite Television shows are CSI, Monk, Nova and House M.D. If I couldn't teach I would probably be a forensic anthropologist or a CSI. My favorite band is the Beatles.
I attended Glenwood Elementary from 1989 to 1998 and West Greene from 1998-2002.
    Having a child with autism and a little brother with Asperger's has given me first hand experience with special education children and their needs. I am well-read in the area of autism and have first hand experiences with the details of speech therapy, occupational therapy and applied behavioral analysis (A.B.A.)
    I want to teach because I think I have a lot to offer children. I value critical thinking and inquiry which is very important in today's digital world where jobs that require rote skills can easily be replaced by technology. I find incorporating all the educational theories into each lesson very intellectually stimulating and that's what's important to me: making a difference in the world and doing something that engages my mind. I connect easily with children. They are wonderful admirable beings full of this fantastic sense of wonder and curiosity.
I'm very dedicated to learning the best ways to engage students and increase understanding of lessons. I have my own personal library of pedagogy books. You can find a list of print resources I have read. Just use the print resources button to find a list and links to the books on Amazon.
I think that having such great enthusiastic and caring teachers in my life has made me a lifetime learner and lover of knowledge and critical thinking. If you inquiry about most people's aversion to science on further analysis you find their teachers seem to have been just been stuck teaching science even though they had no passion for it. While I enjoy all subjects I feel like I could do the most good in a science class. I have a real consuming passion for science and have collected many resources and feel like I could pass my love on to my students. I know science is not a popular choice but it's what I love.

The classes that were part of my Bachelor's program at Tusculum were:
EDUC200- History, Philosophy, and Principles of Education
SPED101- Survey of Regular and Special Students
ENGL335- Children's Literature
PHED360- Curriculum and Methods

VISA330- The Arts and Childhood Learning (Arts Integration)
CISC216- Computer as a Classroom Tool
EDUC320- Classroom Discipline and Management
EDUC416- Teaching Reading

HGLN417- Literacy Through Language
MATH137- Instructional Strategies Math
EVSC425- Physical and Environmental Science Concepts
HGLN341- Learning Environments K-6
HGLN337- Assessment & Evaluation

I did my practicum at Chuckey, Hal Henard, Glenwood and